FASHION REBELS has opened a new lifestyle space on Petrovka

The Russian women's clothing brand fashion Rebels (fr) presented its second platform - not a new lifestyle-a unique space that unites everyone who loves fashion, creativity and life.

Now, in a new place, you can not only try on and buy the best of rebel fashion, but also complement your image with a stylish accessory or decoration, find a rare art album, choose a fragrance for your home or an interior art object with a character, as well as take part in a master class or listen to a closed lecture by a special speaker.

"FASHION IS REBELLING AGAINST LIFE." Petrovka, 15. The street is becoming a truly new cluster of women's fashion and lifestyle – it is next door to multi-brand women's clothing stores of Russian and foreign brands, boutiques of Stoleshnikov Lane, the legendary TSUM.

The brand was founded during the pandemic and has its own production: the collections are entirely created in Moscow, and the flagship boutique lounge is located on Kuznetsky Most Street, 3, p. 2. The philosophy of fr unites bold and bright personalities who are not afraid to stand out in a rapidly changing world, remaining themselves. Designers create clothes for women who want to express their individuality beautifully and exquisitely against the background of the mainstream, dressing in original, textured, bright, complex in shape and unique clothes.

"FASHION AND LIFE", but also for co-creation with local brands and talented artists. Here you can drink coffee, choose a rare photo album, small interior items, as well as pick up unique accessories and perfumes.


«It is very important to unite now. It is in this need for co-creation, collaboration, complementarity, that we saw a new format of our work. An ergonomic transformer space that simultaneously responds to the most diverse requests of a modern city dweller is more relevant than ever. Watch a movie, look through rare editions, try on our new collection, complement the image with accessories from friendly brands, buy a picture as a gift or perfume, and all this can now be done in one place. An unobtrusive playlist will pleasantly surprise you, we also pay attention to it! We are waiting for you very much, Petrovka, 15. We are waiting for you very much!"
- Valentina Mukhovikova, founder of FASHION REBELS


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